Recommendation Parents

1.  Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline. They should see, that their children prepare their lessons and take an active interest in the activities of the School.

2.  Parents are to sign Progress Report, or any other information when so required: Failure to do so will cause mutual inconvenience.

3.  Private tuition is not encouraged. Parents/Guardians may not make private arrangements for tuition with the members of the Staff without consulting the Principal. Teachers are not permitted to give private tuition to their own pupils.

4.  Parents and Guardians are specially requested to notify the School of any change in their address and phone numbers.

5.  When communicating with the principal, parents are requested to mention in their letter, the name, class and section of their children.

6.  Parents/Guardians or other persons are not permitted to see the pupils or teachers during class hours without the permission of the school authorities.

7.  Parents are requested not to send for their children during class hours except in case of unforeseen circumstances and in such cases, a written application must be produced.

8.  Late comers will not be admitted to class without a valid reason.

9.  Parents are requested to foster in their children habits of neatness and punctuality.

10.  Parents are requested to make the necessary arrangements for the return of their children from school. Students who happen to be left behind in school, after class hours should report to the office without delay. The school cannot take the responsibility for students after class hours.

11.  If children are allowed to visit their friend's homes after class hours, the parents should give them written permission. This would remove so much inconvenience to the school authorities as well as to parents.

12.  We expect the parents and guardians to take constant interest in the progress of their children and co-operate with the school in their development.

13.  To ensure steady progress, parents are asked to see that children attend classes regularly and, that they return to school promptly when the school reopens after holidays. Vacancies will not be kept for late comers, unless a written application has been sent.

14.  It is very much appreciated when parents respond readily to the invitation sent to them to attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting, and other school events. It is only with the co-operation of the parents that the school can promote the all round development of students.

15.  No child suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should be sent to School, till fully cured. The Doctor's Certificate to attend the class must be brought, the day the child is fit to join the School.

16.  If a student is likely to be absent due to illness for a long period, the principal must be informed immediately through an application with the name, class and section of their ward.

17.  Parents are requested not to give money to children unless they receive a written notice from the School.

18.  Parents are requested not to send for their children during class hours except in case of foreseen emergency.